When practicing meditation we become aware of the present moment..the instant all things share and live together. Not a moment into the past or into the future, we learn to recognize our source and find quiet in our minds. Here we find what is true, peaceful, one and ultimately what is ourself.

The practice of meditation is one of willingness to be without judgement, to release the meaning in which we have defined the world and our circumstances. Through meditation we learn how to dance with what shows up in life. Remaining present in any situation, we learn to recognize that there is not one moment better than another to be present, understanding, and truly loving”


Q: Is meditation a religion?
A: No. Meditation is a tool to become more present, aware, and conscious. There are meditative processes in all religions. The practice of meditation will surely deepen ones relationship with his or her own spirituality.

Q: Does it matter how long I meditate?
A: Meditation is not only a time where we sit on a cushion and be present. Really it takes no time at all. After a while we learn to bring meditation and being present into every moment.. this is the goal of meditative practice. That being said, I believe it is beneficial to have some time aside where we can deeply observe our minds. 10-15 minutes in my opinion is sufficient in the morning and at night.

Q: What are the health benefits of meditation?
A: I define health as balanced Mind, Emotions, and Body. I believe they are connected. In Meditation we offer ourselves rest and space to observe and to let go of out-of-balance emotional and mental patterns. I agree with the quote “meditation is medicine”. If we allow ourselves space to work through what is causing upset in our minds our bodies will be in better health. Also, There are numerous papers and books on the internet focusing on the benefits of mediation and the brain.

Q: What kind of meditation do you do?
A: I don’t claim to be a meditation master or guru. I simply hold a space and share what has worked for me . My “meditative practice” is rooted deeply in non-dual philosophy and is influenced greatly by ” A Course in Miracles”, Buddhist and Taoist practices.

Meditation cushions