Tea Sessions Vol. 3 Xue Wu Ye Dancong



Welcome back to Tea Sessions! 

Today I will be sharing my experience drinking an oolong tea called Xue Wu Ye Dancong. The tea itself is produced by a tea master named Huang Rui Guang. It was grown in China in Wudong Shan. I bought it through Verdanttea.com, which is one of my favorite tea sellers. 


The leaves are whole, large and dark green. 


Dry Leaf: Flowers, sweet. I instantly notice, just by simply smelling the dry leaves, a qi sensation running up into the center of my head and down into my chest. The sensation in my chest swirls around the area of what we call in Chinese Medicine the Middle Dantian. The Middle Dantian is located in the chest and is an internal repository that transforms mental and emotional energy. The heart, its qi, and functions are related to the middle dantian. 

Just getting a whiff of the aroma of the dried leaves, I know this is going to be good. 

Wet Leaf: the aroma of the wet leaf is even more floral. the aroma reminds me of the honeysuckle in the evening during summer & of the smell of citrus fruits flowers. The Qi Swirls into my chest and head. 


Xue Wu Ye Dangcong brewing in a gaiwan. 

Xue Wu Ye Dangcong brewing in a gaiwan. 


1st brew (200 Degree, 10 seconds) Sweet, Vegetal, Honeysuckle Flower. The floral taste remains in my mouth and throat after drinking it. There is a very clear and strong qi sensation in the chest/Middle dantian area. Heart & Lungs. 

2nd & 3rd  brew: With most oolong teas the second and third brews are the best. By this time the tea leaves have opened up and released most of its essence into the water. The Xue Wu Ye Dancong is no exception. The second and third brew are even more floral, still sending qi vibrations into the chest. The nice flavor lingers in the mouth. While I am breathing I can even smell the floral aroma of this tea in my nose. 


The color of the brew is a dark yellow 



My Thoughts

This is a really pleasant tea. It is enjoyable in all aspects: Leaves, aroma, taste and energy. Xue Wu Ye Dancong, in my opinion, is a tea that calms the shen (mind/spirit) and moves emotion. As I said before I felt qi primarily swirling in my chest and secondarily in my head. This is the area of the Middle Dantian (chest) which acts as a repository that transforms mental and emotional energy.  After drinking this tea I notice that my chest feels lighter and more expanded. The floral energy of this tea cuts thruogh the heaviness of stagnation in the middle dantian. This is a tea to drink when feeling stuck emotionally. In particular, the emotions associated with the heart & lungs.

Heart: anxiety, nervousness, agitation, over-excitement. 

Lungs: grief, sadness, guilt & despair. 

I would enjoy drinking this tea anytime. If I wanted to use it for its energetic qualities I would personally drink this tea when feeling melancholy, “down" or sad. This would be a perfect tea to drink after being disappointed or let down. It would also be great in the aftermath of making a mistake. This tea supports the lung energy and will help one reflect and take responsbility for ones actions. 

If you want to try this tea here is the link: